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The Inquisitive Mind       

2222 SW Thistle St.
Seattle, WA 98106


(206) 763-3424

Tutoring hours (school year)

Monday-Thursday: 3:00 to 8:30

Friday:  3:00-5:00



When you want to provide your child with an educational advantage for the future,
The Inquisitive Mind is there.

Research demonstrates that the most effective way to achieve academic excellence is through personal attention.   One-on-one instruction at The Inquisitive Mind provides:

1.    Academic challenge in a supportive environment

2.    Paced instruction providing the opportunity to progressively develop core skills in a meaningful and permanent way.

3.    Program development taking into consideration personal strengths and learning styles.


Combining personalized tutoring with classroom instruction is the most effective way to maximize educational excellence!


    Please be sure to call with questions and concerns about your child's educational progress.    Together we can assure your children receive the education they deserve.   As most school-year tutoring occurs between the hours of 2:30pm - 8:30pm, please try to call in the morning, or feel free to leave a voice mail.